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coughing the hole and the garage door is down just a small pile of debris much the car was towed away an hour ago. look at the video from early this or, this happened at 4:00 when a car smashed into the side of this house in the garage and inside the garage the family's belongings broke in and scattered everywhere. i talked with the family, a man who was asleep inside the house and he thought it was an earthquake but there was a woman in the house who was awake and she thought it was an earthquake as well. >> i was getting ready to sleep and suddenly i heard this "boom" and i thought, it was an earthquake my mom got up and we looked out the window and she said there is a car inside the house so we came outside, saw the big hole and the car and we were in shock. no one was here. just crazy! >> witnesses think they saw the driver running from the scene.
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police know the driver took off, this is a hit-and-run accident but they are not sure if there was a passenger. whoever it was, one or two people, they were last seen running away from the car. there are many reasons a person might cause an accident like this and then flee the scene but police say this are no clues in the car to indicate why this driver decided to take off. >> developing news, the richmond police department is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a gunman who shot a baby boy in the neck. we were over scene yesterday afternoon. someone sprayed the area with bullets and the one-year-old named elijah was in an apartment with his grandparents and the bullets came through the wall and one struck him in the neck.
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he is expected to be okay. amy hollyfield will have live information and the latest in the next half hour. >> hayward police could use your help to identify the men who robbed two different toys 'r us stores. surveillance video took pictures of the two as they left the store in hayward on tuesday. police say the men asked a clerk to help with ipods and when a new case was opened, they showed him a silver revolver. they took the ipads and walked out. the same two robbed another toys 'r us early in the day. >> controversial filmmaker polanski will do a live interview from paris. he will do a skype interview for an event april 6. after the interview, the 1988 movie "fran tick -- "frantic" will be screened. three was arrested in 1997 accused of having sex with a
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13-year-old and fled to london to avoid prosecution. four years ago swiss police arrested him but he fought extra diction to the united states. he was eventually released. >> san jose-based cisco systems is letting go 500 employees. they report the lays offs took place this week. cisco is confirming the layoffs, which are called a realignment. they employ 73,000 people worldwide. some sources say those most affected were involved with data center business development. >> facebook is ready for another big announcement, sending out this individual station to reporter at company headquarters next thursday april 4th. the invitation says "come see our new home on droid." the event is likely related to the recent push into droid systems. until a few months ago facebook focused mobile efforts around
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apple's inno one. >> pilgrims and tourists from around the world are descending on holy sites in jerusalem for easter week. ♪ jesus remember me >> they believe jesus was crucified on this good friday and resurrected on easter sunday. hundreds of christians packed crumb judgment's holy sepulchre in the hold city of jerusalem and attend another mass in bethlehem where jesus is believed born. in san francisco, easter will be celebrated at the highest peak for the 91st anniversary. the mayor and the fire chief will take part in the celebration. special buses will depart from the forest hills station every 15 minutes starting at 5:15 on sunday morning for the ride to the sunrise service that begins at 7:00. >> tensions with north korea are
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rising. the military action taking place, today, in the communist country as it makes new threats against the west. >> first, a major announcement expected from the obama administration and it is likely to impact the price you pay at the butch. a live look at the fog engulfing the golden gate bridge. there is a lost this fog, or maybe you will not see much along the
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>> good friday morning. with the fog, it is pea soup from the north bay to parts of vallejo. the delta is clear. look at the north bay from petaluma, santa rosa, our beaches and along san francisco the san mateo coast we are looking at very foggy conditions, the san carlos airports at quarter-mile visibility so it will continue to creep to the east and not making it into our inland valleys.
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we have a beautiful day on the way with temperatures climbing through the 60's and the warm of the day we have seen in quite some time with mid-70's inland and lower 70's around the bay and 60 with sunshine at our coast of the tonight if you are headed to the game look for mild conditions and beautiful at at&t park and 60 degrees. 7:15 but the sun will set at 7:30. we will dry out for monday after a thunderstorm on easter sunday. >> the crash we told you about involving a motorcycle that is cleared at northbound 17 but as they say the damage is done. we will hook at our exclusive app and you can see 11 miles per hour and you can see it is solid with brake lights solid northbound direction. now the travel times, you can see a little bit of a problem.
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they are 23 minutes to get out of scotts valley and toward san jose. kristen and eric? >> thank you, leyla. the environmental protection agency is expected to announce new fuel standards today that could raise the cost of gasoline. the "washington post" reports the new standards will force oil refiners to reduce the amount of silver in gas. refineries are critical saying cutting sulpher costs them $2 billion a year. the obama administration says the cost of gas will likely go up by a penny. automakers support the plan because california has already implemented similar sulpher requirements. >> ahead, the united states supreme court justice that now is a crime victim. >> first, thousands of soldiers march in north korea, the new march in north korea, the new threat coming withys of walking
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>> good morning, we are starting out with dense fog, with live doppler 7 hd showing you the dense fog through the north bay and petaluma, and novato and also vallejo and san francisco, a little bit of fog with more fog along the coast, we will talk about high temperatures today and the very sunny conditions on the way. in fact, we are not looking at today only but the weekend includes not only showers but much cooler numbers and that is straight ahead. kristen? >> new details now on the powerful landslide in washington state. officials now say up to 20 properties on the island are damaged. some of the properties have
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structural damage and some lost part of their backyard. whidbey is 30 miles north of seattle and one home is totally destroyed and four are under evacuation. state geologists say the slide part of a larger land slide complex dating back as far as 11,000 years. >> three new astronauts are now in orbit after a record-setting trip to the international space station we, a space capsule with the three docked with the space station last night six hours after blasting off from a launch pad we in cause -- kazakhstan. two russians joined the three person crew aboard the station for a five month stay. >> thousands of north korean troops marched in pyongyang in support of kim jong-un and his call to arms. he is threatening tovoke the united states ordering the country's forces to be on stand by. this morning, the developments come after the united states and two stealth bombers to south
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korea after the north cut off communications with the south and the planes dropped dummy bombs on a south korean bombing range in an exercise before returning home. >> we have to take seriously every provocative, bellicose, word and action this new young leader has taken. >> experts say north korea is not capable of nuclear strikes but the united states is taking the threats seriously. the pentagon has already taken steps to strengthen missile defenses here on the west coast. >> former south africa president nelson mandela remains in the hospital after a second night of treatment for a chronic lung infection. south african are still concerned about mandela moves health but the current president is asking people not to panic and the 94-year-old is responding well to treatment and the antiapartheid hero contracted tuberculosis during his time in prison and has had recurring lung problems since. >> bay area residents could be
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concerned about the global rise in sea level with three quarters of people worried about global warming threatening the united states. people want to take action to prevent ever worsening storm damage, but disagree over who should pay for protective measures, 39 percent of americans live in counties along the shoreline and new studies show that trend will continue to grow. >> 6:17, and now the foggy friday forecast hitting the coast. >> we have a beautiful day in store and april showers and we still march to get through over the weekend that includes rain. >> the north bay and parts of the delta we are looking at socked in poor visibility through the peninsula and the coast and it is cloudy around san jose and visibility is better there. we are looking at very dense fog and a view from mount tamalpais you did see below here, mount tamalpais sits at 2,600' and the
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fog at 800 to 1,000 feet with weak high pressure building we will see the lid lit and the fog erode so in san francisco and oakland at 54 with clouds in san jose and very dense fog, and zero visibility at half moon bay at 48, and our roof camera and temperatures have dropped in the mid 40's. with the fog, it is chilly in napa at 46 and 50 in union city and lows get and 54 on your way to a 20-degree warm up today and parts of the south bay so coastal fog, dense in spots, warmer weather today, sunny conditions and showers are headed our way, and scattered showers and we will not see a rain out over the weekend, in fact, hit and miss spotty showers but look at what you are headed into this morning if you live in the north bay coming down from napa into important and southern marin county, very
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trenchous through the tunnel and the golden gate bridge and patchy fog on the east bay and peninsula with fog on the peninsula and cooler than yesterday continues with the subtropical batch still with us and we will feel it this afternoon with a warmer day but this morning, it is cool out there and we have a broad southwestern flow still aiming warmer air our way but it will not be until the later part of the weekend when the low begins to pass overhead. in the meantime we are talking about clouds tomorrow and the scattered showers through the evening hours, and santa cruz mountains and the north bay and easter sunday, we are looking cooler, wet, and a possibility of .1" of an inch, and 69 in san francisco and 77 in livermore with, still, rain into next week. i believe we have a quiet friday commodity mute. >> it is quiet again. this is orange on the map indicating fog in this area so
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as you start away from the coast to san mateo the visibility is hampered and an update on the crash through the santa cruz mountains along northbound 17 we are looking at the accident clearing and we do still see a backup but speeds are up again and we will go to antioch with the speed out there slowing down to 31 miles per hour make the drive through bay point but it picks up the further you head west. >> 6:20 of time magazine is about sex in marriage and the cover is turning heads. we will show you that next. crime hits the supreme court. the supreme court justice is the victim of fraud. >> everyone, do you believe in miracles? today on "katie" we will have incredible stories that defy that nation. that nation. our miracles can be everest. that nation. our miracles can be 60 years ago sir edmund hlary was the first ever to conquer it.
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>> good morning, at 6:23 is our time on this friday with a live look at the dense fog hanging over the bay in san francisco with the top of the bank of america building in downtown san francisco if the live sutro tower camera. lisa will talk about when the fog will lit and the changes coming. >> time magazine has a title
6:22 am
"gay marriage "already won but the cover is causing a buzz releasing two versions both showing members of the same sex kissing, some call it sensationalist and others a symbol of law but it has people talking after the supreme court heard arguments in two same-sex marriage cases including california's prop 8. >> conservative talk show hot rush limbaugh is waving the white flag on same-sex marriage, telling the radio show audience yesterday that conservatives have lost the gay marriage debate. he added gay marriage is now inevitable no matter what the supreme court decides. rush limbaugh says conservatives lost the debate because they "lost the language." >> as chief justice john roberts is ready to decide on proposition 8 and the defense of marriage act, he also is dealing with credit card fraud. the "washington post" reports that roberts is usually using his credit card to buy morning cup of coffee at the local suburban maryland starbucks but this tuesday, before he heard arguments on prop 8, he paid in
6:23 am
cash and according to the "washington post" he told the cashier that someone had gotten his credit card number and he had to cancel the cards. >> barbara walters is making a career change to retiree. "new york times" is reporting the 83-year-old is planning to step down from "the view" in may of 2014. abc is expected to air a series of tributes and specials leading up to her departure. her career has spanned five decades. show was the first female co-host for "today" in 1974 and a few years later became the first woman to co-anchor an evening newscast. >> on monday is april's fools and some companies joining in on the fun. "pg" "pg" -- proctor and gamble has a new product, scope mouth wash with bacon flavor for breath that sizzles. they say there are already bray condition bras and bray con soda
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and spreadable bacon. >> we wondered about this yesterday. i have tell you i would not mind tasting bacon all day without the calories. >> it is the people around you. >> the devil's slide tunnels have not been open for a week but already they are scheduled for a lane closure. we will tell you when at 6:30. >> but first, a fast food fight with a community trying to stop a new restaurant from going up on an empty lot saying the location wrong. >> there is outrage here at the richmond police department after a one-year-old boy was shot in the neck. next we will hear from the boy's father and the police chief. >> good morning, here is the deck of low clouds pushing in across the north bay and the pins that, with zero mile visibility from the beaches and quarter-mile visibility down along the san mateo coast and in the north bay, looking very soupy from san rafael in the
6:25 am
east bay you are clear right new and look for the visibility to improve by mid-morning, oakland down to quarter-mile visibility and we have a beautiful day on the way with upper 60's in san francisco and mid-and-upper 70's inland. >> this is leyla gulen in the abc7 news traffic center, we are looking at the bay bridge metering lights that are on and soupy conditions out there as you make your drive from oakland into san francisco watch out for the fog with automatic the details on
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> what a foggy way to start our morning at 6:30 on this friday. we look hanging over the bay, looking down, we have a sunrise but you may not notice the sun coming up but later it will clear. thanks if joining us, i am
6:28 am
kristen sze. >> we are playing peekaboo because of the fog. lisa? >> good morning to you. you saw clear conditions on the way and mostly sunny skies but live doppler 7 hd showing the north by and marin and sonoma and san mateo all socked in with fog and the visibility along the coast and down to nothing it is cloudy in mountain view and san jose, we are clear in hayward and over into the east bay, the far east bay, the valleys are clear and in oakland the fog is moving about and we are up to eight mile visibility but from nothing in novato to quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa and napa and the coast, so far we are okay but san carlos you have had the foggy conditions and headed out at our coastline, it will take some time by mid-morning we will see sun and it will be a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the 60's and the sea breeze returns so we are not getting too warm at the cost and around the bay, lower 50's and some fog
6:29 am
but by the afternoon, midday, mid-60's and upper 60's and in between the noon hour and 4:00 p.m. we will see 70's returning and the evening looks really comfortable but inland, we are talking mid to upper 70's in some parts of the bay and starting out clear with numbers in the 60's and it will be a beautiful afternoon. enjoy it. we have march showers on the way for the weekend, and the detailed look at the seven-day outlook coming up. >> good morning, lisa. a quiet morning right now with construction all cheered up so no cones need to be picked up and we are in recovery mode at northbound 17. the accident is cleared involving a motorcyclist and that motorcyclist has been taken to the hospital. there is a residual backup to san jose. on 17 it is still 28 minutes to
6:30 am
get you between scotts valley and san jose. kristen and eric? >> we start with developing news from richmond where a one-year-old boy is recovering this morning following a shooting. police say he was caught in the crossfire. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at richmond police headquarters with the latest. >> they are upset at police department. officers say they are putting everything they have in the finding of the shooter. the one-year-old baby was inside his apartment with his grandparents when the bullets came flying in. the one-year-old elijah was hit in the neck. the home was hit by four bullets. police believe the gunman was out on west macdonald avenue and sprayed the street. the boy's father was at work. he is outraged. so is the miss -- police chief.
6:31 am
>> my son didn't do anything. it is not fault i live in this area. >> i am sickened and really an bring and appalled. this is completely unacceptable. it is our highest priority to catch those who involved. >> he says it will not be tolerated here in richmond. elijah had surgery yesterday to remove the pieces of the bullet. he'll be okay. a man on the bicycle who was also shot is expected to be okay. police are looking into whether this was gang-related activity or what the motive was, who was targeted and they say they do not have suspects at time but are offering a $25,000ry ward to anyone who can give them information that willed lead them to the gunman. as far as the families his father says they will move out of the iron triangle
6:32 am
neighborhood. >> a gun battle at at san francisco intersection has left one person injured, the shootout happened before 12:30 at intersection of oak and scott street. police say two vehicles were shooting at each other and one of the cars ended in front of san francisco general hospital. a man in the car was taken inside the hospital. he was shot in the arm. police are still looking for the other car involved. >> this morning, three people are in critical condition after a violent head on collision in rich mop last night. it happened at 8:00 on 37th street after a car crashed into a pickup truck that flipped. at least one driver was speeding. a woman was thrown out of the sports car and is clinging to life. one of the three people in the pickup is in critical condition. police are investigating whether speed was a factor in the crash. >> a 23-year-old american canyon man is in jail for robbing the same bank for the second time in two months.
6:33 am
an employee recognizes the man when he walked in yesterday afternoon. he is suspected of robbing the same branch in february. he was arrested in the car on highway 101 as he was trying to get away. >> starting later this morning the brand new tom lantos tunnel at devil's slide tunnel on the san mateo county coast will have lane closures and caltrain needs to do striping work that will begin at 9:00 in the morning and last until 3:00 in the afternoon. one lane of traffic will be open at all times and the $439 project opened on monday after years of delay. >> in san jose, some residents are fighting to keep the golden arches out of the their neighborhood. san jose councilman organized a community meeting to discuss plans for a new drive through mcdonald's restaurants in part of the orchard farms shopping center. developers want to add the restaurant near the miller avenue intersection on land that
6:34 am
has been vacant for 20 years but residents are concerned but mcdonald's would be right across the street from the middle school. >> we do not like 11, 12, 13, and 14-year-olds worried about crossing streets. >> tremendous risk exists for one of them getting hit. >> we are committed to making enhancements to the project that have been shared so far and will fairly consider and actively listen. >> the city council will vote on the issue april 16. >> google is expanding millions of alerts to their useers with a company that contracts with public safety agencies to 18 alerts by cell phone and social media, and law enforcement agencies already use this to spread the word about emergencies. the alerts will appear when someone uses google in an area with active alert.
6:35 am
san francisco residents get a wake-up call. the loud crash that turned into a crime seen. >> but the first news of the folk singer who made ain't gay remarks but slow was not exactly welcomeed. we have fog up and down the coastline
6:36 am
6:37 am
>> good morning, live doppler 7 hd looking at all the low clouds from the north bay and mar be and sonoma and socked in with fog at the coast, and the east bay is not bad, and hayward and castro valley is clear with fog or clouds from mountain view to san jose, so the temperatures and the dew point is about the same right now from napa to
6:38 am
novato with quarter-mile visibility. airport is looking good. half moon bay, though, be came, the fog lifts early and we have a sunny and warm day across the bay in the mid-70's inland and the coast will clear out and we will see numbers in the 60's and the onshore flow returns this afternoon so it is not too warm at the coast with scattered showers and a showers and thunderstorm for the last weekend in march and we drying out for the beginning of april. good morning, leyla gulen. >> good morning, a pleasant morning in pleasanton with an accident to get to involving a box truck and a pickup. but it is off to the shoulder. westbound 580, you can see a bit of volume as you make the push over to 680, i will show you some socked in traffic out there and that is along the golden gate bridge and it is very foggy so make sure you use low beams. drive with caution. >> it is 6:41. folk rock singer michelle shocked is making noise with her
6:39 am
mouth taped shot, a one woman protest at a club wearing a disposal suit with shed covering and written on the tape was "silenced by tape." this is one of several venues that canceled shows after she made antigay rant remarks at yoshi's in san francisco on american 17. >> are you a facebook addict? do you want to answer that? >> who, me? >> a study revealing how many times people check their profiles. >> but a story you first saw on abc7 news a car slammed into a san francisco
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:44. what a rude and dangerous awakening for residents in a bayview district home a car came crashing in the side of the house and police are looking for the driver. our news reporter was first on the scene in san francisco and joins us live with the latest. >> kristen, this patch the blue tarp behind us here is all that is left of the scene, a little bit of crumbled rock and cement beneath it, and the homeowners made a quick work of the mess out here and said they were anxious to get back to bed and try to get a little bit of sleep after this incredibly unexpected and unfortunate morning for them. the family inside this home were jolted awake at 4:00 this morning when a car crashed into the side of the house, it purged a -- punched a hole through the
6:43 am
garage and everything this the garage was broken and scattered including a dryer that was not even hooked up yet. the car hitting the house felt like an earthquake. >> i was in shock. i had never seen anything like this, all i could say was wow! >> the driver took off. this is a hit-and-run situation. there pay have been a passenger in the car. whoever it was, last seen fleeing the scene on foot and officers now searching for at least the driver who caused this accident. at this point they don't have any indication as to why the driver fled the scene of the accident. >> do you think you use your phone to look at facebook? a new studied find smartphone users check facebook 4 time as day, and they spend half an hour
6:44 am
a day on facebook and the high time is at night right before bed. in the morning, nearly 80 percent of smartphone users reach for their device in 15 minutes of weighing -- waking up. >> and facebook wanted to expand their mobile reach so hopefully they will get more advertisements from the mobile the. >> the storm is closed for the good friday holiday. you probably knew that. >> in other business news there is one activity that takes up the time for most american workers. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, what do you spend the bulk of color day doing and researchers looked how full time workers spend their time, sleeping was first at 8 hours and working was under six hours and watching tv took up two hours, and eating and drinking more than one hour. still trading because it is a market holiday, but the s&p was
6:45 am
at an all time closing high yesterday. spring has arrived but that means more than just blooming flowers and warmer temperatures and it is termite time. the national pest management association says winged termites emerge from the homes and the group says half of the homeowners have never had an inspection of the some warning signs are soft wood that sound hollow other cracked paint and discarded wings near doors. could you have a big gas bill to work? the pick for cars, the pry serious was -- prius was a favorite for a small, and the best cross over was ford flex and the minivan pick was the honey da odyssey. that is the bloomberg business report.
6:46 am
>> you can see the embarcardero, well, maybe you cannot see it, but it is foggy. >> certainly foggy. not rain, but the low visibility, the temperature, dew point spread, not much of one, and as we head outside and look at live doppler 7 hd we have overlayed the low clouds on the radar and you can see through the bay, marin and sonoma, very foggy and headed over the bridge, slow down, and toward san ramon and castro valley and fremont you are clear and inland valleys are fine but the coast and the beaches and down around san jose, we are looking at 9 clouds and leader is the view from mount tamalpais, pretty from above and we will look at this cloud deck eroding quickly and bringing on sunshine and warmth and 51 in downtown and santa cruz and fog all the way down so the central coast is socked in, and 54 was the fog in san jose and the embarcardero
6:47 am
where temperatures are in the 50's but you cannot see much here with visibility down to quarter-mile visibility in spots and 46 by the tell da, and if loss embassy, and -- los gatos and fog this morning and remain warmer today, sunny and scattered showers on tap for the weekend and up to eight miles in oakland with san carlos, and three quarters visibility with temperatures coming up quickly, so although we are cooler this morning, we are finishing up much. warmer so in between the weak weather systems to the east we have weak high pressure bringing in the sunshine but the broad southwestern flow and the low continues to able toward northern and central california and bringing back the clouds and cooler temperatures by 1:00 o'clock tomorrow and scattered showers into the evening hours and the peninsula, the santa cruz mountains and easter sunday, doubling the -- dodging
6:48 am
the showers and church services and it clears out by monday with the high temperatures around bay much, much remain what irat 72 in san mateo and 75 on the peninsula and 76 in concord and the look ahead, as a couple of days of scattered showers the possibility of a thunderstorm and warming up and drying out tuesday and wednesday, and drying out by thursday. >> speaking of fog, it is all wait and you can barely see the headlights. this is the traffic as it is coming eastbound into berkeley. the bay bridge shows the fog has cleared. the drive at the toll is looking good. the drive just got busy in san jose. a new wreck involving a truck on its side, southbound 101 at 280, we are picking up volume now and building coming down from 880. watch out for that. it will be around for a little while. if you plan ahead, kristen and
6:49 am
eric you are good. >> five thing those know before you go. you go. >>days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful
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(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> good foggy friday at 6:53 with a live picture at downtown san francisco and we are high above it, above the clouds and the fog and you can just see the tallest buildings there, and the pointy one, of course. >> the legendary city of shangrlai that appears and go away, and this is ours. here are five things to know before you go. number one, the richmond police department is offering $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a gunman who shot a baby boy in the neck. the one-year-old boy was inside an apartment yesterday with his grandparents and bullets pierced through the wall. his father says the baby is going to be okay.
6:52 am
>> two, san francisco police are looking for the driver of this car, which crashed into the side of the house. it happened three hours ago. the crash punched a hole in the side of the building where the garage is located. the driver ran off. no one was hurt. >> good friday tradition plays out in jerusalem's old city, hundreds of christians retraced jesus' steps on the way to the crucifixtion with a mass in bethlehem. the stock exchange and banks are closed in the up. >> if you have big purchases to make you may want did do it this week, because on monday, sales tax is going up in several bay area cities and county areas including half moon bay and albany, and marin counties and san mateo county. >> and last night the a's roughed up giants on the way to
6:53 am
victory and the a's manager and the oakland mayor will raise a team flag on the tribute tower to kickoff a's spirit week for the season opener against the mariners. >> we will at the game tonight. >> we are looking the at fog. no doubt from the north bay, the peninsula and the east bay is looking good and our inland eastbound is clear with a mice start to the day. san carlos is three quarters of a mile and the coast is seeing nothing, and through marin and sonoma, it is foggy. this is a gorgeous shot, the trance america pyramid at 800' with the fog sitting at 500'. it will be gone, soon, at 54 in san jose and we will then have sunny skies and remain warmer temperatures with highs in the 60's at coast and mid-to-low 70's inland and upper 70's in the furthest inland valley so it
6:54 am
will be a beautiful afternoon and tonight, for the game and everyone else, we are talking about a nice evening in the lower 60's and the sun will be secretary at 7:30 and dropping through the upper 50's. >> at drive in senate -- san francisco got tough with southbound 101 approaching 280 involving a pickup truck on its side and you can see plenty of red and it is a huge backup to avoid at all costs. as we look toward san jose, along 101, we are looking at top speeds with no problem and a live picture at 87 at the off-ramp and you are in good shape with no crashes to report in either direction. >> the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america" ahead. >> debut week, how does it feel? >> great. >> a+. the check's in the e-mail! >> i take cash.
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credit cards. .
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, battle cries reach fever pitch in north korea. the supreme leader threatens he will settle accounts with the u.s. with his rockets. this propaganda video surfacing now showing how they would shoot
6:58 am
down u.s. bombers. middle school poison plot. two 13-year-old students now facing charges for putting hand tea, spiking her morning dose of caffeine every day until she felt seriously ill. how she discovered the clues herself this morning. breaking today, new evidence could solve one of the world's greatest mysteries. does it show that the cloth used to wrap jesus just before his burial is real? billions are about to get a glimpse of the shroud of turin live on tv. ♪ and the griswolds are back. and ready to road trip. are you ready to go back on vacation?
6:59 am
>> good morning, america. on this good friday, robin is off. great to have elizabeth vargas here, and we have a lot to get to, including that shocking story out of the midwest. thousands of patients are being urged to get tested immediately. >> how many of you pay attention? i know i don't to what the dentist is doing. how he's cleaning those instruments. we'll get into that and how you can protect yourself. and it's a cinderella story fueling fascination with march madness. the little team from florida's gulf coast plays tonight and, boy, i have to say i'm rooting for them. >> they are making us earn it, though, it's a late tip. i hope everybody stays up for it. >> you're allowed. >> friday. >> and best dorm rooms ever. >> ever. also, we've been seeing double all week. our twins taking over and this morning it's time for the -- >> oh, wait a minute. >> there they are. >> just a regular day in times square. is that josh? is that m

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